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Friction-less EKYC

What is KYC? KYC or Know Your Customer is a method to identify and validate a customer’s identification. The technique consists of a list of

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What is Re-KYC? Knowing your customer or knowing your client in the banking domain is a necessary method of recognizing and validating the client’s identification

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Document Identity

Identity management is of the utmost concern for every nation and country. With the improvement in electronic identity (eID) documents in distribution globally, MNCs and

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Automating Rental Process

About: Automating Rental Surrender your typewriter and summarizing software away! Automate the lease and rental agreement-making method. Automating Rental is a digital property manager you

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Pronunciation Identification

What Is Pronunciation Identification? The Communication service Pronunciation Identification appraises speech pronunciation and gives speakers feedback on the precision and fluency of oral audio. With

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On-Premise vs. Cloud

Introduction: On-premise With on-premise software, from implementation to the running of the answer, everything proceeds privately. Maintenance, Security and updates also need to be exercised

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Broken Security

What is Broken Security in Industry? In simplistic terms, broken authentication points to the vulnerabilities or deficiencies integrated into an online platform or application that

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Esign with MFA

Everything To Know About eSign with MFA An eSign, just like a traditional pen and paper signature, is a legally binding demonstration of a customer’s

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Document -Real or Fake

Fraudulent document identifier Blue Bricks Fraudulent document identifier service is an effective way to recognise a fake ID document in real-time. In most of the companies,

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Selfie -Real or Fake

Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) Biometric data, collected directly or covertly from a person online or through hacked systems, is sometimes used to combat a biometric

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