FBio – Achieving 99% + Accuracy

FBio(Facial Biometric)

Blue Bricks FBIO (Facial Biometric) API is a facial biometric recognition system to match a known human face against a database of human faces. FBIO can be used to identify people in photos, videos, documents, or in real-time.
Our FBIO (Facial Biometric) system has many benefits, from increased safety and security to preventing crimes and reducing human interactions. It is typically employed to authenticate users through ID verification services by using computer algorithms to pinpoint and measure specific facial features from a person’s face with the slightest error and best state-of-the-art accuracy.

Major drawbacks of most facial recognition systems in the market

Most of the facial biometric products already present in the market have potential disadvantages in some way or the other. An inaccurate and faulty facial biometric system can threaten privacy, potential data theft, violations of rights and personal freedoms.

Many companies are still dealing with the problem of accuracy, spoofing, or liveliness detection,
whereas –Blue Bricks’ cutting-edge technology tackles many of these issues and limitations of facial recognition by building a state-of-the-art model with deep learning. The model has an accuracy of 99.5%+ on the LFW benchmark.

Features and capabilities of FBIO

Unlike most facial biometric products, the Blue Bricks FBIO SDK provides

  • advanced face localization
  • Enrolment
  • user-friendly interface
  • matching using robust digital image processing algorithms based on convolutional Neural Networks.

In terms of speed and accuracy, FBIO is the first of its kind to have nearly absolute precision in ideal conditions, reaching a 99%+ facial recognition accuracy level.
In addition to facial feature points, if someone grows facial hairs, loses or gains weight, applies makeup, wears a hat, or under any conditions, FBIO cannot be cheated because of its outstanding face matching prediction accuracy 99%+.

Face Enrollment and Face Verification with 99%+ Accuracy

What FBIO has to offer for large-scale identity verification Organisations:

FBIO API is an affordable option for developers wanting to use a facial biometric API by providing a wide variety of facial recognition solutions through their API.
With FBIO, Blue Bricks is providing:

  • High-level REST-FULL APIs with a suite of tools and a magnificent 99.5%+ facial matching accuracy
  • 100% Data Control
  • On-Premise Microservice based platform 
  • SDK for iOS & Android mobile devices
  • Reduced API cost

FBIO is Solving Future Complex Problems for many business entities

FBIO is a category of biometric security intended for developing applications that perform end-user identity verification in mass-scale systems.
  • Online banking
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Government e-services
  • E-shops and many more


At Blue Bricks, we have overcome many challenges while creating the most advanced FBIO (Facial biometric) system to achieve accuracy scores as high as 99.53% to provide our customers the best experience. At Blue Bricks, we constantly improve our products, technologies, and end-user satisfaction because we care about building a delightful product experience.

We love to solve complex problems. We take pride in solving your business problems through our past projects, existing products, and domain expertise. We are hungry for the new use cases (problems) and we are listening to your pain.

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