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Partnership is the only way to succeed in this fast paced, hyper competitive world. We work closely with our partners to bring our mature, future ready, evolving enterprise products to market. Together with our partners (technology as well as business) we are proud to serve 60+ enterprises to solve their complex problems. With collaboration at technical front with software development companies (as our partners) we are solving data and access security problems; on other hand bring legacy revamp/automation too. We are keen to become your extended technology team and bring world class proven software products and services to customers together.

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CIELO Technologies

CiELO Technologies focuses and implements high-end enterprise IT solutions through major System Integrators, MSPs, T1/T2 Resellers in the region. CiELO is a distributor with major leading technology vendors, CiELO continues to value-add the Vendor’s offering through pre-and post-sales services, as well as professional advisory services on Cybersecurity to our channel partners across the region.

MSCTrust Gate

Security is the primary concern of entering into the new Internet economy. The ever-changing paradigm of e-commerce requires a well-mandated security infrastructure. The vision of Trustgate is clear: “To enable organizations to conduct their business securely over the Internet, as much as what they have been enjoying in the physical world.”

DC Alliance

DC Alliance is a company founded on strong engineering principles. We have the in-house technical expertise to design, build and operate Tier-certified data centers. We embody the engineering fundamentals of efficiency, reliability, security, and consistency. Our services are fit for purpose, yet curated to meet your needs. You can count on us.


Gpayments are focused on providing robust payment and authentication solutions for online transactions. We provide services for financial institutions (both issuers and acquirers), service providers, merchants and cardholders. With over two decades of experience in technology development, we have established ourselves as a leader in secure electronic commerce.

First Cambodia

First Cambodia is a pioneering Cambodian System Integration company, established in 2002 that specializes in providing Total quality IT solutions and networking service. First Cambodia is an ISO-certified company with experienced consultants and highly qualified IT professionals. This company delivers world-class services and solutions across various industries and sectors and has proven expertise in Banking, Insurance, Government Institutions, Telco/ ISP, Hospitality/Retail, and MNCs/Local Conglomerates.

ECAM Solutions

eCam is a leading system integration company in cambodia.. They proviede Business software solutions , Data center & power solutions, integrating systems such as network infrastracture. eCam also provides information systems consultancy, project management and integration for major clients in both the public and private sectors.

Blue Fortress

Blue Fortress is an IT Solutions Provider that provides a wide range of security solutions from hardware security modules, data protection, identity management, PKI-related solutions, authentication, cloud-ready encryption to network security solutions. Blue Fortress is the distributor and business partner of Thales, Versasec, and Wedge Network’s security products inMalaysia

Flipnix Solutions

Flipnix Solutions was born with the intention of empowering small business owners to embrace the internet simply and with confidence. Flipnix Solutions wish to take advantage of emerging technology and use it to help small business to boost their success online by delivering quality web design that clients could update themselves, at a price they could afford. This move changed the game in Malaysia. A lot of traditional website developers at the time were not doingthis and getting online was expensive and prohibitive. Since then, A lot of small business clients have changed their mindset and a lot has changed online over the years, our principles for providing value, affordability and genuinely wanting to help small businesses succeed online have only improved.

Siroi Solutions

Siroi was created in early 2014 out of sheer frustration with poor IT services available in KL. Since its formation, been helping businesses digitize their operations, reduce overheads, go to market faster, and replace the legacy systems with our tailored services and solutions. We havealso been helping entrepreneurs design and build products to transform their ideas into successful businesses. We have rescued troubled IT projects for some of our clients. Helped recover valuable data from old, legacy, end of life, and out of support systems.

Datum Systems Private Limited

Datum Systems Private Limited is a prominent technology solutions and services provider in Nepal. We are currently focused to provide technology solutions and services to run critical businesses for banks and Financial Institutions in Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing(AML/CFT). We also work in Payment system infrastructure, Banking cards supply, and personalization services and equipment.

Natsoft Consulting

Natsoft Consulting provides Software Development and System Integration Services with focus on long-term customer relationships as it strives to provide flexible and evolutionary IT services through the life-cycle of customer's applications portfolio. It also offers emerging technology solutions like Blockchain, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Industrial IoT which seamlessly integrate into the transactional systems.


Cohesis specialise in helping organisations solve complex problems and make the right technology choices that save time, money and lead to secure, sustainable growth.


We make it simple to launch in the cloud and scale up as you grow – with an intuitive control panel, predictable pricing, team accounts, and more.


Avoid the consequences associated with failure to comply with AML/CTF regulations, by screening against our comprehensive global sanctions data which is delivered and monitored in real time. Coverage includes every major global watchlist such as UN, EU, DFAT, and OFAC, as well as thousands of other governmental and law enforcement lists.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki creates the simplest, most powerful IT solutions—helping everyone from small businesses to global enterprises save time and money.

IT Junction

IT Junction provide a platform to introduce customers with upcoming technologies that will change the way we do things today and for Customers who intends to embark on AI & Deep Learning journey... IT Junction is the First Value Added Partner in Australia of Deep Instinct to introduce Cybersecurity solution that has been built on Deep Learning based technology which is Redefining the Cybersecurity Landscape...

The Advisory Network

The Advisory Network exists to solve the critical issues facing by the clients, both large and small. Their unique approach is not only what differentiates them, but also what makes them successful. They provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

Datanova Scientific

Datanova has led mission-critical data projects for U.S. intelligence, banks, healthcare, and data oriented federal agencies. Over this time, Datanova has proven itself capable of working with America’s most sensitive data, while delivering exceptional technical and strategic insights and services.


Noblemetric has been developing various kinds of software and hardware products. Thus, has acquired an extensive expertise in IT-Based Projects. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by large companies, we have created innovative, user friendly applications that are now available to small and medium-sized companies.


ImmuniWeb® leverages our award-winning AI and Machine Learning technology for acceleration and intelligent automation of Attack Surface Management with Dark Web Monitoring for subsequent threat-aware and risk-based Application Penetration Testing with zero false positives SLA. ImmuniWeb® AI Platform

CIELO Technologies

CiELO Technologies focuses and implements high-end enterprise IT solutions through major System Integrators, MSPs, T1/T2 Resellers in the region. CiELO is a distributor with major leading technology vendors, CiELO continues to value-add the Vendor’s offering through pre-and post-sales services, as well as professional advisory services on Cybersecurity to our channel partners across the region.

We love to solve complex problems. We take pride in solving your business problems through our past projects, existing products, and domain expertise. We are hungry for the new use cases (problems) and we are listening to your pain.

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