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Since 2014, Our R&D Team Including Our Founders, Are Working Hard To Build “Best Of The Breed” Products And Services For You. We Love To Listen, Learn, Adapt, Innovate, Build And Support Products & Services In Cyber Security, Automation And Digital Transformation.

Axiom Protect 2.0

Axiom Protect 2.0 Brings “Continuous Security” From “On-Boarding To Daily Multi Factor Authentication Usage To Exit” Across Multiple Systems (Cloud Or On Premise) Coupled With Single Sign On Interface And API Management Makes It Unique In The Complete Global Market. It Addresses To Multiple Security Requirements Using APIs, SDKs And Ready Modules.

Valydate Is Complete 100% Paperless, Secure, DLT Enabled On-Boarding Product For Your Digital System. Axiom Protect 2.0 Identity Protection MFA Security With IntelliValue.AI, AML/KYC Plug+Play And Ethereum Blockchain Combined Together Gives Cost Reduction In Acquistion, Consent Based, 100% Secured, Faceless, Fast (30mins To 2 Mins) Agent Or Self On-Boarding. Compliant With India’s RBI, Malaysia EKYC And Other Global Standards.


Our Co-founder, Mr.Vikram, has worked in PKI and Digital certificate-based security for the last 22 years. Esign, handwritten, page sign, digital sign all are bringing nonrepudiation into our world to ensure trust in business transactions. Imagine your template-driven, multi-factor authentication and authorization (including facial and voice biometric) to bring PDF signing through Gmail and offce365 plugin along with direct email link and/or QR code scan-based mobile-friendly experience. Backed with blockchain to ensure all the documents hold their true integrity in a tamperproof way for the future. Veri5now will bring on-premise and cloud platforms to get complete ownership of your documents and workflow. Please get in touch for your interest.


AI Is Eating Up The World, Yes It Is True. AI/ML Started 50 Years Back But Died Due To Lack Of Infrastructure And Computing Power. Now Over the Last 5 Years, AI/Machine Learning Is Alive And It Is Here To Stay And Change The World.

IntelliValue.Ai Is Our Suite Of Products That Address To Multiple Complex Problems That We Have Solved For Our Clients And Productised Them To Offer To Similar Prospects. Predictive Forecasting To Insights To Analytics To Intelligent RedAct/MAsking To Document Recognition To Facial/Voice To Pattern Matching. IntelliValue.AI Gives Awesome Value With Our Ready-Made Suite.

Emails over Gmail or office365 are trapped inside these platforms. Individuals, small teams Or large enterprises go thru' pain as all the data, contacts, documents trapped inside one's email. DeepDive extends your Gmail and office365 mailbox as plugins to unleash the power of data extraction, contact aggregation, and document archival. Share context and content with your team. DeepDive using AI/NLP to build intelligence for each connection you have to share their sentiments from messages exchanged. Plus DeepDive makes individual vs group data insights for you and the collective team to build solid business intelligence. deep-dive services are in beta, please sign up.


Skip the expensive up-front and ongoing costs of building an in-house licensing solution. Save your business development time and money with our software licensing API.Get to market faster. Quickly and securely integrate with our developer APIs in any OS to manage the licensing and distribution of your software products. Licit is aimed for Saas and onpremise both forms of software licensing. Please get in touch for your interest.


It takes 240seconds to judge one is good for the desired job profile or not? But this is not simple due to all the pre and post steps that happen in hiring. AI/Machine learning with NLP and Context-Content bridged together with speech-to-text synthesis and reverse to understand their answers and sentimental. 240seconds completely automated the process for hiring from bulk to selected few with maximum machine automation and reducing human interactions to minimal. It brings transparency in the hiring process with team collaboration for selecting without too much communication internally. Policies and Rules defined by you make it completely customizable for your business and hiring needs. Please get in touch for your interest.

Active Access

3D Secure Protocol (V1 And Latest V2), Verified By Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, JCB J/Secure, American Express SafeKey And Diners Club International ProtectBuy. 100 Banks And 100,000 Merchants Use ActiveAccess.

If You Are A Payment Gateway And/Or Merchant Then Enjoy Decrease Cart Abandonment Rates With 3DS2’S Frictionless Flow And Mobile SDK, Reduce Credit Card Fraud And Eliminate Chargebacks Via Liability Shift And Comply With Regulations, Such As SCA Under PSD2. Most Important, The Liability Is Shifted To The Issuer Making Your Online Liability And Insurance Nearly ZERO.

If You Are Bank And/Or Other Card Issuers Stay In Control Of Authenticating Transactions, Collect A Rich Data Set For High Authentication Accuracy And Reduce Credit Card Fraud. It Comes With Axiom Protect 2.0 Multi Factor Authentication As Well As Risk Based Authentication Bundle In

We love to solve complex problems. We take pride in solving your business problems through our past projects, existing products, and domain expertise. We are hungry for the new use cases (problems) and we are listening to your pain.

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