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We are sharing permitted public contents from our side with other market leaders through our part discussion panels, product webinars and many. We are here to listen to your problems too and also learn from your suggestions how we can collaborate and improve more together.

Our Founder & CEO Mr.Vikram Sareen Interview with Kalkine TV about the automation and cybersecurity

To empower your multiple IT systems (on-premise, cloud, or hybrid) by embedding multi-factor security to suit each individual system, service, workflow, and user’s preference. Empower Applications. Securing users. Reducing Cost. Increase ROI.

EKYC, Adaptive and Passwordless - Future of security.

CIELO with their Australian cyber security product house, Blue Bricks shared insights on how security can be simple yet strong.
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  • JOMO vs FOMO of Cyber Security
  • Unifying Onboarding and Higher Security
  • EKYC - Models, Best Practices and Pitfalls
  • Passwordless - What is it? Are options Available?
  • Reuse, Reduce, Reinvent in cyber security realm
  • Continuous Security Is The Future

    Continuous security start with friction-less trusted on-boarding and matures over time through policies, behavior and insights. In this webinar we share the future of continuous authentication to help your IT security compliance and future readiness for evolving digital systems.

    Cyber Security Panel Discussion: Australia's 2020 Cyber Security Strategy

    This video discussion shares with you the strategy that influence new companies and independent ventures and also Dissecting the new strategy that helps your IT security needs.

    Lunch & Learn Series - Cyber Security Panel Discussion: I've been hacked! What happens next?

    Here we share an interesting insight on repercussions of a cyber-attack and what to do when you've been compromised. And a well-tested way to protected yourself & your business from Cyber-attacks.

    Founder Stories: Vikram Sareen, Chief Architect, CEO & Founder, Blue Bricks PTY LTD

    An inspirational journey of our CEO & Founder Mr. Vikram Sareen across global frontiers in cyber, including working on the software to make the first digital signature legal and about Some of his failures and the lessons he's learned from them.

    Lunch & Learn Series: Panel Discussion - The Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape

    Progressively, Cyber security and digital fighting are turning out to be the first page, standard news. Consistently individuals are catching wind of cybercrimes, hacks, and digital dangers across our media sources. In this informative Discussion video, we are sharing insights on the how cyber security can impact Customers, business, startups and also the ways to protect them.

    We love to solve complex problems. We take pride in solving your business problems through our past projects, existing products, and domain expertise. We are hungry for the new use cases (problems) and we are listening to your pain.

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