Why SMS OTP Will Never Be Enough Security?

We are all well known to SMS. We all have obtained a text message for authentication, and you comprehend how simple the conversation method is. That is why, for ages now, SMS has likewise been recognized as a prominent alternative as a secondary form of identification confirmation, also understood as OTPs (one-time passwords).
For instance, you can sign into your desired application on a different device, initiate a text transferred to validate your identification. Or sign into your social media from another place and receive an OTP to confirm it was you venturing to log in. It has further reached the workplace for organizations that have achieved MFA to sign in from your work platform, Slack, or additional applications implement an SMS OTP to perform the login.

Is SMS OTP The Most Suitable Alternative?

In current years, mobile security intimidations and data ruptures have explained that, regrettably, SMS OTP, related to the written password, is behind its honourable eras. In modern research, it is seen that above one billion smart device users are conceivably in jeopardy from a SIM card vulnerability presently happening to be misused by cybercriminals.
Financial businesses favour having the privilege of owning remarkable of the numerous sophisticated overall cybersecurity methods and enthusiasm to advance in state-of-the-art security explications to preserve their data and systems. Nevertheless, the financial enterprise encounters an ascending climb.

Is It The Correct Time To Ditch SMS OTPs?

The authenticity is that safety specialists have acknowledged SMS technology imperfections for unusual times and constantly warn companies concerning them. Governing parties in the financial business are gradually rising to notice certain black-and-white signs, as SMS OTPs’ ventures to customer safety surpass the cost profits.
We at Blue Bricks administer multiple factor standards to authenticate a user’s uniqueness. Our software solutions empower you to facilitate multiple factor types for a separate user, with any factors as needed and optional. Here are amazing suggestions on more additional security features to improve your company:

1. Mobile Authenticator Apps
Our mobile authenticator application technology traditionally bolsters OTPs inside the app or, ideally, push notifications, which are further protected than just OTPs. When users register their details into a web application, they can either enter the SMS OTP or receive the push notification conveyed to their registered device. Our mobile authenticator app maintains additional security in biometrics like FaceIDs, fingerprint IDs, and more supporting iOS or Android devices.

Our Products Which Practice Mobile Authenticator Technology Include:

2. FIDO2.0 (WebAuthn)

WebAuthn is a browser-based Application Protocol Interface (API) that enables web requests to clarify and defend user authentication by employing registered gadgets like (phones, tablets, laptops, and more.) as agents. It practices public-key cryptography to shield users from difficult phishing crimes. WebAuthn factors can be of two sorts: On-Device (platform) or Off-Device (roaming).
Here Are Amazing Products Offered by Blue Bricks That Use WebAuthn:

3.Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Our products have hindered OTP crime, and different varieties of cyberattacks are within multiple authentication factors (MFA). OTP is a multi-factor authentication intended to present it extremely harder for hackers to obtain protected data. MFAs expect supplementary credentials behind a mere SMS before the end-user can enter an application or system.
MFA Products of Blue Bricks


One-time passwords (OTPs) are texted to our devices, and SMS has infamously inadequate safety, transmitting it permissible to attack. So, to clarify the topic: NO, SMS OTP authentication is not reliable. By adopting other resources obtainable in the market is more protected than text messages. The principal reason being, it is more challenging for a hacker to obtain physical passage to your smart device. Therefore, we at Blue Bricks offer you state-of-the-art software to promote your business be extra skilled in the industry.

We love to solve complex problems. We take pride in solving your business problems through our past projects, existing products, and domain expertise. We are hungry for the new use cases (problems) and we are listening to your pain.

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